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From Red Thai Chicken to Vegetarian Lasagne, our range of gluten free, dairy free and healthier options caters for every taste. Heated and table-ready in under 3 minutes, many have pasta or rice in separate compartments for extra serving convenience.

How can food that lasts so long, taste so good?

Our people search for new product and packaging innovations, providing delicious long-life meal options to meet every dietary need. This combination of high nutritional value and taste quality is the reason why our solutions are preferred across multiple sectors.

Best Seller

Chicken Tikka Massala

Bistro Express Chicken Tikka Massala 350g x 6

We also stock..

  • Compleat – Chicken Casserole 300g x 24

  • Gefen – Chicken Noodle Soup (Kosher) 65g x 12
  • Gefen – Vegetarian Noodle Soup (Kosher) 65g x 12
  • Go Pots – Barbeque 65g x 6
  • Go Pots – Curry 65g x 6
  • Go Pots – Hot & Spicy 65g x 6
  • Go Pots – Mixed Vegetable 65g x 6
  • Go Pots – Roast Chicken 65g x 6
  • Kosher – Beef and Minced Meat with Pasta 325g x 1

  • Kosher – Chicken & Rice with Carrots 300g x 1
  • Kosher – Turkey Schnitzel with Rice & Mixed Veg 300g x 1

  • One Meal – Cottage Pie 300g x 24
  • One Meal – Sausage & Mash 250g x 24
  • One Meal – Vegetable Curry & Rice 300g x 24
  • Rice – Microwaveable Basmati Rice 250g x 12
  • Rice – Microwaveable Egg Fried Rice 250g x 12
  • Rice – Microwaveable Golden Veg Rice 250g x 12

  • Rice – Microwaveable Pilau Rice 250g x 12

  • Rice – Microwaveable Savoury Chicken Rice 250g x 12
  • Rice – Microwaveable Spicy Mexican Rice 250g x 12

Serving suggestion:

Anytime in the next 12 months.

With no refrigeration required, all our ambient foods have a reassuringly long shelf life, usually around 12-months. We also ensuring microwaveable, on-the-go convenience and cost-effective quality without compromise. Long live long-life food innovation.